Top 20 Tips for Aloe Lip Balm

Is This Awful Weather Damaging Your Lips? Protect Them Now. 

Top 20 Tips for Aloe Lip Balm

1. First Aid lip balm

2. Soothes, Smoothes & moisturizer dry lips, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

3. Use as a "Magic Stick" on Children for grazes paper cuts and bruises.

4. Quick and easy application for burns.

5. Use on top of a Matt lipstick to give a gloss finish.

6. Use under the eyes if you suffer from eczema.

7. To highlight cheekbones and eyebone areas.

8. Hot tips for runners, use for joggers, Cracked nipples for nursing mums and to protect against blisters.

9. For sore nose when you have a cold

10. Use on eyebrows or hairline before applying hair dye or sunless tanning lotion to protect your skin.

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11. Softens dry curticles.

12. Prickly heat and itchy rashes

13. Eases Shaving irritations and cuts.

14. Soothes sun burnt ears.

15. Fantastic for Cold sores.

16. For insect bits.

17. Removing tight rings.

18. A quick fix on cat scratches.

 19. Use on Haemorrhoids

 20. If you suffer with Hay Fever, rub some Aloe Lips around the edge of each nostril to “trap” the pollen before it hits the nasal passages.




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Top 20 Tips for Aloe Lip Balm
Ruth Chememo 27 June, 2022
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