What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kenya?

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kenya?

1. Increased Sales 

Increased sales through brand awareness, product exposure, and customer acquisition. 

This increased revenue is a result of both organic growth as well as lead conversion from paid ads. 

With more than two billion active users on Facebook alone, it’s important to understand how these platforms work to reach your customers with targeted content that will foster relationships between consumers. 

Social Media Marketing has shown an increase of up to 15% for businesses who invest money into advertising campaigns across their network sites according to many experts. 

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2. Reach New Markets 

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer an amazing way to reach out to a large number of potential customers for free. 

But it’s important not just to talk to your audience, you want them engaged in the conversation. If they’re scrolling through their feed without stopping on any posts then there’s no customer engagement happening. 

And therefore nothing will happen with those people! 

Make sure that every post is engaging by including eye-catching graphics or videos which are short enough (less than 15 seconds). So that you don’t leave your viewers waiting around while they watch them play. 

A study found that video ads resonate more strongly with consumers because they have a higher emotional impact on both the sender and receiver end according to experts from Google who studied social media. 

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3. Customer Service Tool 

Yes, it is possible to employ social media marketing in Kenya as a customer support tool. You can do that by replying to their complaints on these platforms publicly, privately, or through email (all three methods will work). 

You can also use this type of marketing as a way to thank customers who have purchased something from your company by offering coupons and discounts exclusively to them. 

Contact prospects and people who might show interest in your company through social media sites. 

And even encourage customers to share their experience on the platform you have chosen.

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What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kenya?
Ruth Chememo 27 June, 2022
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