Forever Aloe Lips with Jojoba: Soothe,Moisturize,Heal & Protect Lips
425.00 KSh 425.00 KSh 425.0 KES
Get kissable lips with this rich and nourishing pocket-sized lip balm. This loaded lip product contains aloe, jojoba and three types of wax to smooth and soothe chapped dry lips. Great for protecting lips all-year round.
Forever Bright Toothgel: Forever Living Toothpaste (Flouride Free)
1,037.00 KSh 1,037.00 KSh 1037.0 KES
Forever Bright Toothgel is gentle and effective because we include natural ingredients. Kids and adults alike will love the combination of natural peppermint and spearmint flavoring and frothy texture.
Aloe Propolis Creme Ideal for Dry Skin
2,344.00 KSh 2,344.00 KSh 2344.0 KES
Aloe Propolis Creme combines pure inner-leaf aloe vera gel and bee propolis. Vitamins A, E and C work to nourish and moisturize the skin while propolis helps rejuvenate skin for a smoother, supplier look and feel.
Aloe Vera Gelly Soothing Clear Gel
1,794.00 KSh 1,794.00 KSh 1794.0 KES
Aloe Vera Gelly moisturizes, conditions and soothes, making it the perfect skin companion. This back-to-basics formula embraces the power of aloe in its purest form.
Aloe Moisturizing Lotion With Collagen and Elastin
1,794.00 KSh 1,794.00 KSh 1794.0 KES
This thick, velvety lotion provides more than moisture. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion helps with overall feel and elasticity of skin thanks to the addition of collagen and elastin.
Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick
970.00 KSh 970.00 KSh 970.0 KES
Aloe Ever-Shield offers all-day protection against underarm odor with the soothing power of aloe. It is made without antiperspirants and aluminum salts so it’s gentle enough for use after showering or waxing without irritation.
Aloe Heat Lotion Soothing Massage Lotion
1,794.00 KSh 1,794.00 KSh 1794.0 KES
Let your muscles experience the relaxing sensation of Aloe Heat Lotion after a tough workout or long day at work. Aloe-powered, ultra-rich and non-greasy, this creamy lotion is perfect for a deep, relaxing massage.
R3 Factor: Retain, Restore and Renew Smoothing Skin Cream
3,926.00 KSh 3,926.00 KSh 3926.0 KES
Retain, restore and renew with alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins and collagen to renew your skin's appearance. Forever R3 Factor exfoliates, helps loosen dead skin cells and revitalizes with powerful moisture for ultimate three-in-one benefits.
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Gentleman's Pride Aftershave: Alcohol Free and Skin Conditioner
1,825.00 KSh 1,825.00 KSh 1825.0 KES
This aloe powered aftershave is a super hydrating moisturizer for your face and neck. It's also alcohol-free and features an exclusive blend of ingredients that provides a cooling sensation, with a clean and classically sophisticated masculine scent.
Alpha-E Factor Skin Replenisher
4,047.00 KSh 4,047.00 KSh 4047.0 KES
Forever Alpha-E Factor contains vitamins A, E and C to deliver powerful antioxidants like retinyl palmitate, which combats free radicals and dryness. Enhance elasticity, restore moisture and balance skin with just a few drops!
Forever Epiblanc: Brighten Corrector & Diminish Dark Spots Treatment
2,435.00 KSh 2,435.00 KSh 2435.0 KES
Tackle uneven skin tone with Forever Epiblanc. Pure aloe vera gel, vitamin E and natural botanicals work to improve your complexion, even skin tone and combat blemishes and dark spots. The result is even skin tone and younger looking skin that feels great.
Forever Aloe Scrub: Face Peeling For Face And Body (With Microspheres Of Jojoba)
1,948.00 KSh 1,948.00 KSh 1948.0 KES
Unlike other scrubs that use sharp, harsh ingredients, Forever Aloe Scrub uses microspheres of jojoba for a gentle cleansing experience. As they roll, these jojoba spheres pick up dead skin cells and clear the way for fresh, newer skin below.
Aloe Avocado Face and Body Soap
822.00 KSh 822.00 KSh 822.0 KES
This pure and gentle soap bar contains the rich, moisturizing properties of avocado butter, leaving your face and body feeling wonderfully smooth and clean. Its fresh citrus scent will invigorate you each time you bathe.
Forever Aloe MPD 2X Ultra All Purpose Detergent
3,012.00 KSh 3,012.00 KSh 3012.0 KES
Forever Aloe MPD is a multi-purpose, liquid concentrated detergent created by FLP – and we’ve just made it better than ever! Our 2X Ultra formula is even more concentrated to take your cleaning that much further.
Aloe Jojoba Shampoo 2016
2,159.00 KSh 2,159.00 KSh 2159.0 KES
Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo soothes and moisturizes the scalp while leaving hair clean, full-bodied and manageable. Other ingredients like rosehip oil and Forever Essential Oils provide extra shine and soothe your scalp.
Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse
2,159.00 KSh 2,159.00 KSh 2159.0 KES
This lightweight formula will leave your hair softer, shinier and more manageable. Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse is fortified with vitamin B5, macadamia, jojoba and Forever Essential Oils Lavender for added shine and manageability.
Aloe Hand Soap
1,885.00 KSh 1,885.00 KSh 1885.0 KES
Aloe Hand Soap combines cleaning power with a soothing experience during each use. This paraben free formula leaves your hands feeling supple and smooth thanks to the use of naturally derived cleansers.
Infinite Hydrating Cleanser: Nourished, Hydration and Clean Skin
3,589.00 KSh 3,589.00 KSh 3589.0 KES
Our hydrating cleanser is packed with potent, naturally derived ingredients that increase skin hydration and gently wash away dirt and oil without drying. This mild, milky cleanser will leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and clean.
Infinite Firming Serum
5,719.00 KSh 5,719.00 KSh 5719.0 KES
A clinically proven three amino acid peptide mimics the natural process of skin to increase the appearance of firmness. Clinical tests show these amino acids reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase elasticity.
Infinite Firming Complex
5,707.00 KSh 5,707.00 KSh 5707.0 KES
Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It starts with great nutrition. Forever’s first exclusive beauty supplement helps you take control of the aging process from the inside!