Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein Nutrition Shake

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With 17 grams of protein and a complete blend of vitamins and minerals, Forever Lite Ultra® is the perfect addition to your weight management and exercise routine.

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Forever Lite Ultra is a good shake with high quality soy protein, important vitamins and minerals, and a deliciously creamy vanilla or chocolate flavor. Maximum nutrition and minimal caloric intake make it suitable as a meal replacement for weight control, as a snack or as a protein supplement after training or when you just need something good.

Product Description

Rich natural chocolate flavor to power your healthy lifestyle

• Contributes to lean muscle mass
• 17 grams of protein per serving
• Great source of vitamins and nutrition
• Complements low-carb lifestyle
• Gluten free

Protein is the basic building block of every cell in your body. A high protein diet can play an important role in weight loss by helping you control cravings and build muscle. To build and maintain lean muscle, your body needs amino acids that can only be derived from protein.

Forever Lite Ultra® is a delicious, versatile and easy way to feed your body 17 grams of vegetarian-sourced protein without sugar, fat or carbs. It’s a nutritious snack with a decadent natural chocolate flavor that mixes with milk or your favorite non-dairy substitute. You’ll love the way you feel when you make Forever Lite Ultra® part of your weight management and exercise routine!

Two servings of Forever Lite Ultra® made with skim milk provide 100% of your daily recommended value of vitamins and minerals. This delicious shake mix supplies 18 important amino acids, including essential, non-essential and branched-chain amino acids.

We’ve added prebiotic fiber for another layer of protection against unwanted cravings and Aminotein® to help prevent the bloating that other protein drinks can cause.

Make Forever Lite Ultra® with Aminotein® part of your weight management routine. It’s also included as part of our CLEAN 9 and F15® programs that provide everything you need to look better and feel better in one box!

Remember, you’ll get the best results when you combine this delicious and powerful shake with healthy eating and regular exercise. Raise a glass. Here's to your successful weight management journey!

For who?

A good lifestyle and regular exercise constitute a healthy lifestyle. There is no shortcut, but there are smart tools to help you. Forever Lite Ultra and is one. It is suitable for all adults , both for those who lead an active lifestyle and those who want a simple meal replacement for weight control.Forever Lite Ultra and blended with skim milk contains all the nutrition needed to replace 1 to 2 meals a day.

Meal Replacement for Weight Control

To be successful in weight control, it is important to keep track of caloric intake. With Forever Ultra Lite and mixed with low-fat milk, you can replace up to two meals a day.A serving contains only about 200 kcal, but its high protein content gives you a feeling of satiety.The dose is easily measurable and you’ll know exactly how many calories you consume. Training is also an important ingredient for success – and thanks to the protein content, you can exercise even if you replace meals with Forever Lite Ultra, and the protein also makes it easier to maintain your meal. muscular mass.

Protein supplement after training – and more

Proteins are often called the building blocks of the body.They are included in all the body’s tissue cells, the hormones, enzymes and important components of the immune system are also made up of proteins.Proteins are therefore important for the function of the body. the whole body.Protein also helps to increase and maintain muscle mass.Forever Lite Ultra and so is a great way to give you a protein supplement before or after exercise.But it is equally suitable as a snack – or why not as an ingredient in a dessert? Mix, shake and enjoy!

Vitamins and important minerals

To do its job as a meal replacement, Forever Lite Ultra and also contains several vitamins and minerals.They help reduce fatigue (eg Vitamin C and iron) and maintain a normal energy metabolism (eg Several B vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus).


Take one soft-gel three times daily, preferably 30-60 minutes before meals.


Soy protein isolate, natural chocolate flavor, cocoa powder, fructose, dicalcium phosphate, fructooligosaccharides, guar gum, Aminogen®†† (patented protease blend), safflower oil, soy lecithin, sucralose, ascorbic acid, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, disodium phosphate, biotin, niacinamide, beta carotene, vitamin A palmitate, zinc oxide, d-calcium pantothenate, potassium iodide, cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, brewer’s yeast, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, chromium chloride, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, spirulina, sodium selenite. Contains: Soy


Benefits of Forever Lite Ultra 

Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate


Vegetable protein that contains all the amino acids that the body needs. Antioxidant properties. Very good nutritional quality and very good digestibility. Avoid muscle wasting that can occur in case of poor diet.

Forever Weight Management


Promotes the digestion of proteins. Vitamins and Minerals: provide 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance. Contribute to energy metabolism. Reduction of fatigue, improvement of natural defenses.

Forever Lite Ultra Flavors


Forever Lite Ultra is high in vitamins D, C, B6, iron, zinc, copper and selenium and all these nutrients contribute to the normal function of the immune system. A strong immune system is important for protecting you against viruses and illnesses, so you’ll want to ensure you’re well defended, particularly as temperatures are all over the place this season.


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Flavor Vanilla or Chocolate
Brand Forever Living Products
Manufacturer Forever Living
Package Dimensions 7 x 2.5 x 10.75 inches
Net Weight 375 Grams